Friday, July 2, 2010

Wind of change...

June 2010...(contented sigh...)

Yup, 1st June 2010 indeed brought with it a wind of change to my life..I feel that I'm now breathing in new air in my lungs (philoshopically speaking)..eheheh..yup..since I met him..It happened so fast until now while I'm writing in this blog..I belong to someone..people might not realize..but the sense of belonging to someone is important..u never know it until u realize it..and I thank Allah for it, Alhamdulillah..I'm thankful that I know the true meaning of life is while I was just 29-year-old.. past experiences thought me well, the real "guru" for me..Hmmm...sorry for being so philosophical today..I'm in my melancholy mood today..anyway, I pray hard that the "wind of change" in my life will bring in new meaning of life for me and my children, Insya Allah I srongly belief that if u have good intention to build ur life after u feel u are doomed, Allah will help us..He heard our friends..pray hard and never ever think that He doesn't listen to us..for He is..

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