Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My twin's testimonial on PB...

Well, being my twins is no easy task..she has to oblige to certain duties to become my "official" one of those duties buy PB from me..of course, at 1st she was reluctant..but after tons of persuasion, and after seeing many +ve results that I personally experienced after juz 1 month of wearing PB, she agreed..and these are among her own testimonials after wearing PB :

1) she noticed that the fats underneath her arm lessen, and before wearing PB, the fats were feeling loose and hanging out, making her feel uncomfortable when wearing her long bra..but after juz 3 days of wearing PB, all the fats lessen, and feels more comfortable when wearing her bra

2) firmer butt...I noticed that she looks curvier than before, no more wobbly butt and better shape when she's wearing her skirt..

3)juz last Saturday she tried to fit in her favorite pants but much to her dismay, it was too tight especially at the butt area..but juz after 4 days of wearing PB, even without the girdle on, she noticed that she can now fit in the pants...evidence that she's now losing inches at the butt area and it also helps to tone and shape up the area..

4) no more flabby looks - I commented every now and then that she looks flabbier than before..u should compare how she was during her wedding day and now..but after wearing PB she looks curvier than before..way to go sis!

5) feels more energetic and better sleep at night - she noticed this after 5 days of wearing PB!

We will update you with more of her testimonial as she has now officially become my guinea pig..too bad I'm pregnant now, so I can't wear my PB and give u my own testimonials..will definitely wear PB during my confinement..

And again for those who are interested to purchase PB..fell free to contact me at: 017-2533181..we can even deliver PB right at your doorsteps!!!