Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My twin's testimonial on PB...

Well, being my twins is no easy task..she has to oblige to certain duties to become my "official" one of those duties buy PB from me..of course, at 1st she was reluctant..but after tons of persuasion, and after seeing many +ve results that I personally experienced after juz 1 month of wearing PB, she agreed..and these are among her own testimonials after wearing PB :

1) she noticed that the fats underneath her arm lessen, and before wearing PB, the fats were feeling loose and hanging out, making her feel uncomfortable when wearing her long bra..but after juz 3 days of wearing PB, all the fats lessen, and feels more comfortable when wearing her bra

2) firmer butt...I noticed that she looks curvier than before, no more wobbly butt and better shape when she's wearing her skirt..

3)juz last Saturday she tried to fit in her favorite pants but much to her dismay, it was too tight especially at the butt area..but juz after 4 days of wearing PB, even without the girdle on, she noticed that she can now fit in the pants...evidence that she's now losing inches at the butt area and it also helps to tone and shape up the area..

4) no more flabby looks - I commented every now and then that she looks flabbier than before..u should compare how she was during her wedding day and now..but after wearing PB she looks curvier than before..way to go sis!

5) feels more energetic and better sleep at night - she noticed this after 5 days of wearing PB!

We will update you with more of her testimonial as she has now officially become my guinea pig..too bad I'm pregnant now, so I can't wear my PB and give u my own testimonials..will definitely wear PB during my confinement..

And again for those who are interested to purchase PB..fell free to contact me at: 017-2533181..we can even deliver PB right at your doorsteps!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Secret revealed...a.k.a personal testimonial

OK today I want to blog about my secret on how i look better these days (especially after having 3 kidz with no disclipinary confinement) ..well, since i'm going to blog about's no longer a secret..but more to my own personal testimonial..about what? OK ni la nak story..

My secret:


Well, many knows that I'm a mother of 3..ok no kidding..anak2 i semua rapat2..the eldest juz turn 4, 2nd one baru 2, 3rd one baru 1 year tell u the truth tiga2 kali i x pernah berpantang secara serius, yerla anak rapat2 u dont have time utk massage2 la jauh sekali utk berbengkung ke, diet in the end what happen to my body? My breasts jadi sagged, butt pun jatuh, stretch mark toksah citer la teruk giler..body dah hilang shape, pinggang jadi besar..berat naik from previous 50 kg to 56 kg..biasa lah tu pun org kata i x gemuk, memangla x gemuk tp underneath faham2 la kan..

So dipendendekkan cerita ade satu hari I met my long lost friend for 18 years, Adliza Hizan..jumpa dia lepak2la kat mid valley..she was a Petronas engineer..pastu dlm2 story tu she recommended me this PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL punya corset..I memang tgh cari2 sebab dah 3 anak i dah hilang body shape, so without thinking i terus la order dgn dia..dia ckp corset ni ade Infra red la bla.bla.bla..bagus utk beauty and health tp sebab i'm a pharmacist, x minat la sgt alternative thx sgt interested sgt sebab she told me she seriously lost 20 kg after her pregnancy and she looked damn lepas tu i wear it sampaila the moment i'm writing this, i baru pakai sebulan and I've seen the results.. memang x tipu..

To cut the story short, dalam masa sebulan i pakai ni, people have commented and notice my staff, friends and my family, especially my mum and Ain (my twins) yg pernah nampak my body before and they were the 1st yg notice the changes. Below are the advantages yg i dapat lepas pakai:

1. WEIGHT LOSS - I lost 2 kg (from previous 56 kg ), now I'm 54 kg
2. PINGGANG LEBIH RAMPING..I lost 2 inches off my waist.. previously it was..ish ..(malu nak citer) so faham2 la pinggang i memang dah nampak kelainan, now people realize pinggang i dah ramping..dah ade shape..
3. FLATTEN MY TUMMY..Perut memang nampak ketara, kalau dulu2 i ade mcm perut ikan buncit (atau kilometrico punyacorrection pen) yg dulu2 tu..mcm ade spare tyre la..memang obviously kempis balik n i feel good..pakai baju yg ade mcm shape pun dah x malu..
4. FIRMER BUTT...Butt..yg ni memang i happy sgt sebab lepas bersalin my 3rd baby memang sagged gile..lembik sangat sampai i x tau nak ckp, sedih sgt tp sekarang baru sebulan pakai memang dah firm sgt..serius i x tipu..even kalau u bukak corset tu, it stays the sama..yg ni memang tremendous change..
5.FIRMER BREATS - dulu sagged sangat dan sekitar areola (area around nipple) tu dulu hitam, sekarang colour dia dah lighten..i believe if i wear longer, breast akan kembali seperti dulu sebab corset ni mmang full support ur breasts and help utk firmkan balik..
6.LESSSEN MY STRETCHMARK - I am among the unfortunate ones yg ade stretchmark yg teruk giler dan dulu2 i suka garu2, tu yg teruk alhamdulillah memang dah obviously lighten my stretchmarks, dah x visible sgt yg hitam2 tu..dah jd lighter mcm kaler kulit biasa..


Is my FACIAL COMPLEXION..yup, lepas i pakai corset ni, my skin complexion changes, dulu kusam, uneven tone, pores x rapat and banyak blemishes, tp sejak i pakai corset ni memang kulit i lebih rata, berseri, x berminyak sangat, blemish sgt2 kurang, whitehead pun sgt kurang..As a pharmacist i x reti nak explain mcamana mechanism corset ni that helps to improve ur skin condition tp my friend yg recommend tu ckp because the infra red to help to improve your blood circulation, buang toxin la bla bla..maybe sebab tu la, i pun x tau nak paling penting i nampak and people notice my changes..

I tetiba jadi excited sgt sebab for people who knows me well, i x suka cakap tipu and I HATE PEOPLE YG SELL PRODUCT PASTU KITA RASA TERTIPU SEBAB X NAMPAK EFFECTIVENESSNYA ..seriously sebab tu i BERANI NAK RECOMMEND..this product to all of u..coz I'VE EXPERIENCED IT MYSELF..

So, friends, sejak i experienced all the benefit of using this PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL corset ni, i memang join jadi member and I'm now the official agent of this product. But mind is another thing, tp kenape i berani nak recommend to all of u is because of the effectiveness yg i penah EXPERIENCE MYSELF, so i x rasa rugi nk share and i dont have the intention whatosever nak menipu u all semata2 nak income lebih for myself..(niat ikhlas dr hati ni)..

So anybody nak order boleh call i directly at 017-2533181 but i have to know your measurement, yg tu nnti i akan contact u all..this corset is not free size, it tailored to your size..tu yg special tu..and it's very comfortable..kalau u bend down pun boleh x keras coz the material is stretchable to 360 degrees.

U can also read other testimonials/info about PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL CORSET from the below links:

So, friends kalau nak beli contact la i, jgnla beli ngan org lain, harga boleh runding, installment pun's a one time investment coz it has a LIFETIME WARRANTY!!

Wind of change...

June 2010...(contented sigh...)

Yup, 1st June 2010 indeed brought with it a wind of change to my life..I feel that I'm now breathing in new air in my lungs (philoshopically speaking)..eheheh..yup..since I met him..It happened so fast until now while I'm writing in this blog..I belong to someone..people might not realize..but the sense of belonging to someone is important..u never know it until u realize it..and I thank Allah for it, Alhamdulillah..I'm thankful that I know the true meaning of life is while I was just 29-year-old.. past experiences thought me well, the real "guru" for me..Hmmm...sorry for being so philosophical today..I'm in my melancholy mood today..anyway, I pray hard that the "wind of change" in my life will bring in new meaning of life for me and my children, Insya Allah I srongly belief that if u have good intention to build ur life after u feel u are doomed, Allah will help us..He heard our friends..pray hard and never ever think that He doesn't listen to us..for He is..